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Welcome to the Tourism Kangaroo Island Corporate Site. This site is a reference point for all members of the travel trade, media and Kangaroo Island tourism operators.

Tourism Kangaroo Island (TKI) is an incorporated, non-profit, co-operative body that is responsible for marketing Kangaroo Island as a tourist destination.

Content is being updated, please come back and visit this page soon.


Content is being updated, please come back and visit this page soon.

Business and Development Services

 The resources provided in this website should be considered in the management of existing businesses and the establishment of new tourism focussed businesses on Kangaroo Island. 

 Select the following for more information on maintaining or establishing a tourism business on Kangaroo Island: 

Business Advisory Service: Free advice from Regional Development Australia Business Advisor. 

Planning for a new business: Advice and research to help determine if your business idea is needed and where to go for more information. 

Research: The latest statistics on Kangaroo Island visitation and what visitors are demanding collected by the award winning TOMM destination management model. 

Guide to tourism development:  A Checklist for Planning and Design of Tourism Developments in Natural Environments 

Key contacts: From Kangaroo Island Council to bushfire prevention.

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Business Advisory Service 

The Regional Development Australia Board provides a FREE advisory and client information service for people wishing to start up a small business or to assist existing business operators. The Board actively promotes business and industry development and works closely with Federal, State and Local Government to develop opportunities for Kangaroo Island. 

Confidential services provided includes assistance with: 

Business names and registration
Business planning 
Financial viability assessment 
Understanding cashflows 
Training programs 
Business Workshops 
Marketing programs 
Improving record keeping and control
Review of existing business plans
Legal and statutory requirements
Seeking finance
Human resource management
Information on State and Federal Government programs
Licences and approvals required for all types of businesses
Cost of compliance
Duration of licences
Legislative requirements
Research assistance
Networking opportunities
Referral to consultants and specialist advisers
Assistance to obtain quality accreditation
Grant applications 

For further information please contact: 

Business Development Manager,
Kangaroo Island
Phone: (08) 8553 3211

Planning for a new business 

Ideally you should undertake this process before you purchase a property. Certainly you would need to consider these questions before you seek finance for your development. 

Key contacts to answer these questions are:

Tourism Demand 

Q. Is this kind of tourism needed on Kangaroo Island? 

Q. What markets are likely to be attracted to this product and how do I connect with them?

Business Planning

Q. How do I make sure my business is viable? 

Q. What are the legal requirements I have to satisfy?
A. RDA, Council 

Q. Who else has done this kind of development that I could talk with?

Q. What sort of data is available to assist in developing my business plan?

Q. What data could I collect in my business to enable me to compare my performance to Kangaroo Island as a whole?

Q. What kinds of staff will be required and where will I find them? Will training and support be required? 


Developed on Kangaroo Island, as a model for sustainable tourism management, the Tourism Optimisation Management Model (TOMM) is an exciting 'work in progress' showcasing the opportunities and benefits of integrating long-term tourism development with sound environmental, social and visitor principles. 

TOMM provides individuals investigating the establishment of a business and those already operating a tourism related business on Kangaroo Island, a range of research data to better match visitor focussed attractions, tours, accommodation and services with the types of tourists visiting Kangaroo Island. 


Guide to tourism development 

Checklist for Planning and Design of Tourism Developments in Natural Environments 

The Design Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development prepared by the South Australian Tourism Commission are accessible on 

These Guidelines provide details on all of the natural resource elements and systems to be addressed in the location and design of tourism developments. These are applicable to any site. 

Locations in natural environments require even greater attention to detail. Land is made up of a number of elements and systems that interact to form natural landscapes. The checklist below provides examples of a range of issues that need to be addressed, the primary sources of information about that issue and possible responses at the planning, construction and operational stage.

Hydrology – Surface and groundwater flows and rainfall / stormwater flows

Developement Issue: Increased surface water run-off and risk of erosion 
Key Information source: DWLBC, KI NRM
Desirable response: Board Install rainwater tanks or other storage devices

Developement Issue: Interruptions to and decrease in natural flow regimes
Key Information source: DWLBC, KI NRM Board
Desirable response: Avoid / minimise changes in flow regimes or remediate flows downstream of any structures

Developement Issue: Pollution of water sources
Key Information source: 
Desirable response: 
Avoid or minimise use of chemicals


Developement Issue: Loss of topsoil and essential nutrients
Key Information source: KI NRM Board
Desirable response: 
Limit clearance of vegetation and/or site excavations. Revegetate with local indigenous species.

Developement Issue: Spread of soil borne disease, eg, phytophora
Key Information source: 
KI NRM Board
Desirable response: 
Implement effective machinery hygiene practices. Minimise disturbance by foot and vehicle traffic.

Key Development Contacts on Kangaroo Island 

Kangaroo Island Council Environmental Services Department 

The Environmental Services Department is primarily responsible for all Planning, Building, Environmental and Health matters. 

Much of the Environmental Services Officers work involves on-site inspection of property and/or work in progress. Therefore, in order for Council's officers to provide you with optimum service, you are encouraged to make a prior appointment by phoning (08) 8553 4513. Further information can be found at 

Other Contacts 

Vegetation, Fauna, Water
DEWNR (Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources) Phone: 8553 2381 

Vegetation Clearance
Native Vegetation Council
Phone: 8124 4700 

DWLBC (Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation)
Phone: 8553 0111 

Soils, Weed Management
KINRM (Kangaroo Island Natural Resource Management Board)
Phone: 8553 0111 

Bushfire Prevention
CFS Development Assessment Unit –
Phone: 8339 6900 

SATC Planning and Policy Unit –
Phone: 8463 4500 

Architects and Design Professionals
Royal Australian Institute of Architects
Phone: 8228 9100 

About Tourism Kangaroo Island

Tourism Kangaroo Island (TKI) is an incorporated, non-profit, co-operative body that is responsible for marketing Kangaroo Island as a tourism destination.

 TKI is the coordinating and marketing body responsible for promoting the region to target markets. This involves the development of strategic advertising campaigns, public relations activities, involvement in consumer and trade shows, the development of consumer and trade collateral and the promotion of festivals and events. TKI is pivotal in management, leadership and the development of tourism on the Island.

Read more about Tourism KI


Gateway Visitor Information Centre

The TKI Board works closely with the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), Local Government and industry to ensure the region is marketed in a consistent and effective manner. TKI members appoint representatives to a board at the Annual General Meeting while industry representatives from SATC, Kangaroo Island Council, Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Parks SA and Regional Development Australia make up a further 4 positions. The Board's responsibility is to guide and set the marketing activities of Tourism Kangaroo Island. 

2012 / 2013 Board Members 


Pierre has been involved with the Kangaroo Island Development Board for approximately seven years, with the past two and a half years as the Chief Executive Officer. He has had an association with the Island since 1975 and has been a resident since 2001 after a distinguished career as an Army officer, serving in Vietnam and the Middle East. Pierre strongly supports the tourism industry, sustainable development and economic wellbeing on Kangaroo Island. Pierre is involved in the tourism industry and with his wife Branka runs Adagio B&B at Island Beach. He is a Member of the Institute of Company Directors and has significant involvement with KI community and agency committees including the TOMM committee and KI Strategic Tourism Plan committee and other community organisations such as the KI Country Education Fund, Legacy, Penneshaw Community Business Centre, Island Beach Ratepayers Association and has been involved in the organisation of a number of community events. 
Phone: (08) 8553 3722 or 0429 000 855 


Having spent 4 years as General Manager at the Kangaroo Island Lodge at American River, Peter has excellent knowledge of the tourism market on K.I. He is now operating K.I Transfers, a business he started after identifying a product gap in the market. Running this business has allowed him to interact closely with visitors to KI and get significant feedback on the expectations of a board cross section of visitors to the Island. Peter is also interacting with other Kangaroo Island operators on a daily basis. 
Phone: 0427 887 575 


Julie-Anne has spent 30 years in the tourism and travel industry and is currently the Marketing Manager for the SeaLink Travel Group, based in Adelaide. Julie-Anne has been instrumental in her 17 years with SeaLink in helping to raise the profile of Kangaroo Island and the company SeaLink in the local, national and international markets. Prior to this she has worked for Compass Airlines, Adelaide Casino and Ansett Pioneer. Julie-Anne has been a Tourism KI Board Member since 2001. 
Phone: (08) 8202 8688 


Marc arrived on Kangaroo Island in August 1996 and took up the position of Marketing Manager / Executive Officer for Tourism Kangaroo Island. After nearly 8 years of challenges (and a few rewards), Marc resigned in 2004. After a few months reflection, he acquired the Budget Rent A Car franchise and commenced operations in January 2005. Marc's other commitments and community involvement include Ambulance Officer (Team Leader) in Penneshaw; Presiding Member, KI Health Advisory Council (formerly KI Health Service Board); Tour Driver / Guide for SeaLink (casual / occasional) and a family business at Langhorne Creek.
Phone: (08) 8553 3133 


I am the Director of Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action and employ up to 5 staff during the busy season. Having served on the Tourism Kangaroo Island board for the past 2 years, I am passionate about sustainable tourism on Kangaroo Island and the growth of quality tourism businesses.
Phone: (08) 8559 4296 


Helen Ioannou, have a plethora of experience and skills to offer the TKI Board. I was a Secondary Mathematics Teacher in Melbourne for 20 years, where I undertook many roles; Mathematics Coordinator, literacy and Numeracy Coordinator, Disabilities Coordinator, Year level Coordinator, a staff representative on School Council and the Budget Committee, and many other roles associated with planning and communication between staff, parents, and students and outside agencies. The last 4 years, I have managed Kingscote Tourist Park, in Brownlow, where my duties are extensive; ranging from attending to office requirements and organising housekeeping duties. I am an energetic, committed and organised person who is a team player. I have excellent communications skills, mu knowledge of tourism is extensive and I have a passion for Kangaroo Island and its future direction.
Phone: (08) 8553 2394 


All his life he's been involved with the tourism industry on Kangaroo Island having grown up at the Ozone Hotel from a young age. Alex studied at Adelaide University where he attained a degree in Commerce majoring in marketing. After studying he ran the Archer Hotel in North Adelaide for 2 years. Although Alex has always had a close connection with the island, he moved back permanently over 2 years after buying the Kangaroo Island Seaside Inn.
Phone: (08) 8553 2707 


I have been working in the tourist industry for the past 11 years, working all around the world encouraging people to visit the amazing! To the fun and weird. I managed many UK based companies (Thomas Cook, Sunquest, Vytravel and Excel Airways) overseas in the Maldives to Mexico. I have always enjoyed the tourist trade because of the people you meet and this was one of the reasons I came to Kangaroo Island to experience the suppliers view and to hopefully help improve the amount of people we get to this amazing island. I currently manager Life-Time Private Retreats on the North Coast of the island, I think it would be a great opportunity for me to be a member of the board and hopefully I would have something to offer KI.
Phone: (08) 8559 2248 

Industry representatives 

JAYNE BATES (Kangaroo Island Mayor)
Phone: (08) 8553 4500 

GRAEME MCGREGOR or BILL HADDRILL (Department of Environment & Natural Resources - Parks SA)
Phone: (08) 8553 4444 

GAIL SMITH (Penneshaw Gateway Visitor Information Centre)
Phone: (08) 8553 1185 

Gateway Visitor Information Centre 

Tourism Kangaroo Island own and manage Kangaroo Island's only accredited information centre, at Penneshaw. The Information Centre responds to visitor enquiry via telephone, email and in person. The Centre is open 7 days. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday, closed Christmas Day.

Becoming a Member

 Becoming a member Tourism Kangaroo Island enjoys a very high level of membership and appreciates the industry's support of the organisation's marketing.  

As well as supporting the overall marketing of Kangaroo Island, there are several benefits only accessible through membership.

 how to become a member 

KI Visitor Information Centre

Kangaroo Island Visitors Guide
Visitor and Information Guide - Member discounts

TKI, and our graphics partners, manage the production and cooperative advertising sales of the Kangaroo Island Visitor Guide - our single most important piece of marketing collateral. 

This is an essential and highly valued document for visitors to the Island featuring travel and visitor information, maps and full colour advertisements in various sizes. 

Anyone is able to advertise in the Kangaroo Island Visitor Guide, however, TKI members are entitled to discounted rates and in some instances free editorial. 

There are 120,000 copies of the Kangaroo Island Visitor Guide printed and distributed annually via the following channels: 

• Every Visitor Information Centre in South Australia 

• Travel Agents & wholesalers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, North America, Japan and Asia 

• South Australian Travel Centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne 

• Local, national and international travel shows 

• Trade and consumer promotions 

• Motoring organisations (i.e. RAA, RACV) 

• Various hotels in the Adelaide CBD 

• Delegate registration packs at selected conferences 

2013 Release Date: March 2013 

Advertising Available: TBC - Discounts are available for TKI Members 

Gateway Visitor Information Centre 

TKI is the only SA region that manages an information centre - this is an enormous benefit to TKI Members. The Gateway Visitor Information Centre in Penneshaw, with its distinctive yellow "i" on a blue background, identifies the centre as part of the National Network of Accredited Visitor Information Centres. This centre provides an important marketing opportunity for TKI members by exposing member's products and services to thousands of visitors each year in person, by phone and via email. 

Brochure Displays: Brochure display space is available to TKI members only. Brochures must adhere to the following: 

• DL and A4 brochures only will be carried. 

• Be no less than 110 GSM paper thicknesses. 

• A4 Posters must be printed, not hand drawn or written. 

Familiarisations: Information Centre staff undertake limited educational product Familiarisations throughout the year where staff and volunteers visit TKI member attractions for education purposes. Members will be best promoted through knowledgeable information staff and are encouraged to extend invitations to the Visitor Information Centre Manager for staff visits. Education of, and ongoing communication with the Gateway Visitor Information Centre staff should be a high priority for all TKI members. Tourism Kangaroo Island recommends members help themselves via: 

• Contacting the Gateway Visitor Information Centre and introducing your business; 

• Regularly briefing centre staff on your product; and 

• Keeping a stock of brochures at the centre 

Please note that direct bookings from Information Centre staff are a bonus and should not be an expectation of membership. We endeavour to help walk-in customers to book accommodation and tours where possible but making bookings is certainly not the core function of the centre. 

Please contact Gail Smith - the Information Centre Manager - to discuss the TKI Member benefits available within the Centre. 

Media and Trade 

TKI actively seek media and trade interest in Kangaroo Island. We are always looking for new angles and products to promote, with TKI Members always given priority. As a member of TKI you are advised to take a proactive role in providing regular updates, media releases and professional photographs of your property. 

A catalogue of copyright-free photos helps to keep us up-to-date with your product and possibly produce further publicity or editorial coverage of your business. 


TKI produce and contribute to a number of publications that are distributed to media and trade on a regular basis. 

TKI E-Newsletter - TKI produced a quarterly newsletter that showcases new products or points of interest on Kangaroo Island. This is then sent to key media and trade contacts. 

Tourism Kangaroo Island also submits stories to the following South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) publications on a regular basis: 

SA Stories - A monthly tourism update featuring new produces, events and SATC news, distributed to more than 1000 international, national and local media, tourism operators and travel industry representatives. 

Fast Track - A weekly guide to upcoming events around the State, distributed to South Australian media each Wednesday. 

Industry Brief - Quarterly cooperative newsletter, filled with tourism news, visitor numbers and statistics, success stories, marketing campaigns and more, distributed to more than 2,000 tourism industry representative and media in South Australia and interstate. 

Opportunity Knocks - A monthly email informing operators about new marketing and business development opportunities. 


TKI hosts journalists and members of the trade throughout the year, and exclusively utilises members for these promotions. TKI tailors individual itineraries for visiting media, and tourism trade against the audience the journalist or trade are targeting and the type of experience they are seeking. 

You must be registered on the SATC database (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse - ATDW) and be prepared to offer your product free of charge, or at a greatly reduced rate, in lieu of the long-term benefits that such exposure will bring. 

Cooperative Marketing and Advertising opportunities

TKI offer members opportunities for cooperative marketing - key examples being the Visitor Guide and Melbourne to Adelaide Touring Route. By being a participant in a Kangaroo Island cooperative initiatives, members are both supporting the overall marketing of Kangaroo Island, while also cost effectively (when compared to buying their own advertising) marketing their own service. 

Consumer Shows 

Kangaroo Island is represented at more than 10 major consumer shows around the country. These include the Melbourne Royal Show, Perth Caravan & Camping Show, Sydney Holiday & Travel Expo, Sydney Caravan & Camping Show, Melbourne Caravan & Camping Show, Brisbane Caravan & Camping Show and Adelaide Caravan & Camping Show. 

Regional Events and Festivals

TKI uses regional events as a marketing tool, aiming to give consumers an immediate reason to visit. The Regional Tourism Coordinator works closely with event and conference organisers by providing marketing and event coordination support. 

Opportunities exist for operators to package accommodation and tours around events. This may include pre-and-post event tours or "themed" packages specifically related to the event. Operators also have the opportunity to promote their product and / or packages through advertising at events by working with the Marketing Coordinator. 


Much of TKI's emphasis over the coming financial year will be on on-line marketing with particular focus on the TKI website. Members can benefit from having additional presence on the TKI website ( by way of: 

• Additional exposure on homepage (on a rotational basis) 

• A link to your own site 

The TKI website is ranked highly among search engines, has an average 40,000 unique visitors a month and helps link consumers from the official Kangaroo Island site to your own site. 

Please Note: You must be registered on the SATC database (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse - ATDW) to have a presence on the TKI website.

Contact SATC Online Services department on (08) 8463 4500 or to obtain a registration form. 

Discounted Logo Merchandise

 As a Tourism Kangaroo Island Member, you receive discounted logo merchandise sold through the Gateway Visitor Information Centre. Look the part in our professional shirts, polo-fleece jackets, vests, scarfs, hats etc. These items make great uniform alternatives. 

Destination Development 

This will become an increasingly important role for TKI. Working closely with the SATC, Regional Development Australia (previously Kangaroo Island Development Board) and Kangaroo Island Council the objective is to ensure the longevity and sustainability of a strong tourism industry on Kangaroo Island, including participation as a lead agency in the Tourism Optimisation Management Model (TOMM). 

Other Activities

Tourism Kangaroo Island also undertakes many other activities and opportunities, these include: 

• Trade familiarisations - hosting travel agents and senior trade staff 

• National cooperative marketing with key industry partners, such as the Adelaide to Melbourne Touring Route. 

• Cooperative advertising with industry partners in mainstream media 

• Tourism Kangaroo Island communicates with members and ensures you are kept up-to-date with industry opportunities without overloading your inbox 

• Provide up to date information to visitors - to enable visitors to see as many attractions as possible 

How Much? 

Membership Fees (inclusive of GST) 2012 / 2013 

Less than 5 employees $265.00 
6 - 9 employees $378.00 
10 - 20 employees $512.00 
21+ employees $730.00 

(Please note: an employee is classed as full time - two part-time employees equal one). 

 TKI is committed to marketing and promoting Kangaroo Island as a destination. Your financial contribution enables TKI to secure additional funding from the SATC and without your support; we would be unable to make our mark in the tourism industry. Your product is of great value to the big picture and although it may be hard to evaluate the direct impact of TKI to your business, think about the things you take for granted...The Kangaroo Island Visitor Guide, the television coverage, the magazine and newspaper articles, the presence at trade and consumer shows and much more... All of this has a real and measurable affect. 

How do I renew my TKI Membership? 

Membership of Tourism Kangaroo Island (TKI) is due at the start of each financial year. 

• Download Membership Application form at the top of the page
• Choose appropriate fee for your business 
• Fill out form
• Return the Membership Application form and payment to the below address: 

Tourism Kangaroo Island PO BOX 336, PENNESHAW SA, 5222

Media Releases & Gallery

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